Team Night Hawk 2020 Ladies Tank Top

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Team Night Hawk 2020 Ladies Tank Top

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My name is Jim Peck, and I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps Reserve.  I always tell people that, yes I served but you'll never find my name in any history books.  I come from a family with a rich heritage of military service, many of them Marines also.  One of the best things of having served is the bond veterans have with one another whether they have ever met before or not.  Despite differences in branches, it's there.  Generally covered up by some good-natured ribbing.


Unfortunately, there is an epidemic in this country that is resulting in the suicide of an average of 22 veterans a day.  This walk is one of many events that occurs each year to help raise awareness as well as funds to help vets in need get the help they so desperately need.  It changed the lives of the founders of Ma Deuce Deuce, and it could do the same for others.  Unfortunately, this year has seen a decrease in events over the early part of the year, so it's time to play catch up.


For the third year in a row, my team is named Team Nighthawk after Christopher M. "Nighthawk" Corley.  Chris was a Marine who I only knew through Facebook, but he was one hell of a funny guy.  Facebook is a blessing, and at times a curse.  One day, Chris posted a message that was clearly a cry for help.  I watched the responses over the course of probably 4 or 5 hours as fellow Marines and friends came together to get in touch with him and try to help.  Unfortunately, by the time they got to him, it was too late.  On February 28, 2018, Chris joined the ranks of that day's 22.