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Vector or transparent background png files are preferred, but any standard file type will do.
A minimum of 300 dpi image resolution is recommended to maintain a detailed print.

We can upgrade most images to a high quality vector image for $19

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What is difference between raster and vector?
Vector graphics are digital art that is rendered by a computer using a mathematical formula. Raster images are made up of tiny pixels, making them resolution dependent and best used for creating photos.
To put it simply:
Raster files ( jpg, bmp, tiff, png & psd ) when resized pixelate.  This pixilation distorts the image.  
Vector images ( svg, ai, eps & some pdf ) can be resized without losing any image quality.
We offer a vector redraw service.  For $19 we will redraw your image creating a vector file which will be emailed to you after your product is printed.


There will be no returns on custom ordered/printed products.

Refunds will not be given on custom orders/prints if the printing process has started.  If the printing process has not started there will be a 15% order cancellation fee.